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A complex and safety-critical project

One of our customers, Anglian Demolition & Asbestos Ltd, was engaged in providing a long term but temporary fire escape at Cefas Laboratories in Lowestoft. 

The facility provides testing of Marine Life for the UK Government. It is an intricate and complex project as the existing stairwell is being demolished within the building ahead of a new structure being built, after the existing stairwell comes to the end of its lifespan.

The challenge was to maintain safe use of the building by providing an external fire escape staircase.  It was originally stipulated that the staircase needed to be built from traditional tube and fittings, however, after closer inspection it became apparent that this would not comply with public access regulations, nor be passed as safe by the Fire Authorities. 

At this point, we were engaged in taking part in the project with our recommendations. Our solution was to provide a Layher staircase, which complied fully to public access regulations in terms of stair gradient and fully integrated child protection guardrails.  We also brought in Prime Scaffold Design. PSD visited the site and provided a bespoke service, tailored to the project, including a full scaffold design and specification to ensure the structure did not interfere with some prominent air conditioning units on the building.

The staircase, with one of our rubbish chutes attached, was in place to allow a contractor to come in and cut the exit points out of the building walls to dispose of the waste safely before the staircase was commissioned. It is anticipated that this staircase will remain on site for a minimum of twelve months.

At George Roberts, we pride ourselves on our swift turnaround and efficient service.  The solution was delivered to site in full within 48 hours of the order being placed.

“As soon as we approached George Roberts with this complex and extremely safety-critical project, they rose to the challenge and worked with us, both technically and logistically, every step of the way in order to deliver a successful solution both on time and in full. Despite our relationship being a relatively new one, we were treated as a client rather than a customer. The value of this service from George Roberts was significant when it came to deliver this project successfully.”

If you have a question about a current work project or would like our advice, please get in touch as we want nothing more than helping to solve our clients’ conundrums and challenges. 

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