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Universal BrickGuard

The Universal BrickGuard is compatible with all major system scaffolds, and it’s the only Brick Guard product to bypass the rosette on the ring system scaffold and to fit securely over obstacles.

The unique design of the New handle provides a robust, durable and secure connection and can be used on any handrail. The BrickGuard provides extra stability in harsh conditions and unrivalled performance in strong winds, due to the unique design of the handle and the increased length of the two toe board connectors, increasing the overlapping fit.

The design is purposely designed to allow stacking up to 150 units high on a 1m x 1m pallet space whilst still maintaining a safe load. This creates up to a 50% improvement on competitor products during transportation, saving on logistic costs and load area.

✔       Designed specifically for systems, the central profile allows it to bypass rosettes and the like

✔       Increased depth for more secure fit against 150mm deep system toe-boards

✔       Double toe-board clip prevents them from blowing up or off in higher winds

✔       Universal handle that fixes to tube diameters less than regular 48.3mm diameter i.e. HAKI guard-rail frames, system advanced hand-rail panels

✔       Increased strength as a direct result of central channel i.e. roughly 25% stronger than Max guards




  • Manufactured using polypropylene as a base material.
  • Independently tested to BSEN12811 – 1 on all major scaffolding systems with unrivalled performance.
  • Compatible with all scaffolding systems, including Traditional Tubes & Fittings (UK/Circular 48mm) Ring Type Systems (Layher, Plettac, Peri & Haki) Guardrails, Ledgers & Frames, Advanced Guardrail Frames popular with Peri & Plettac.
  • Designed groove in BrickGuard bypasses ring to provide a flush face of the BrickGuard.
  • Can be stacked 150 units high on pallets for improved logistics and transport.
  • Interlocking to create 500mm overhanging section to complement system scaffolding bays on tube and fitting scaffold.
  • Can be manufactured with personalised branding displaying company branding and logos.
  • Increased Length of the product allows the BrickGuard to fit all system scaffolding toe boards.
  • The One Piece Universal BrickGuard is available in various different colours; Red, Orange, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Light Blue & Mid Blue.



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