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Combisafe Universal Stair


The Combisafe Universal Stair is an all aluminium Stair which can be used across a wide range of situations, to provide a safe method of access. Primarily for use within Tube and Fitting scaffolding, it can easily be used in a System Scaffold or with the addition of a slab hangar rather than scaffold hook on the ends can be used to safely access a range of structures.

Conforms to Class B of BS En 12811 and WAHR, each tread can support 1.5Kn or two average size people. All steps are wide for comfort and are perforated to ensure they are nonslip in all weather conditions.

Lightweight due to its all aluminum construction, the Combisafe Universal Stair is available in 5 sizes, to suit lift heights from 0.6m to 3.5m

  • Model 1 – 3 steps, weighing only 11.9kg
  • Model 2 – 6 steps, weighing only 29.7kg including handrails
  • Model 3 – 9 steps, weighing only 42kg including handrails
  • Model 4  – 12 steps, weighing only 59.2kg including handrails
  • Model 5 – 15 steps, weighing only 69kg including handrails

Easy to transport due to its light weight and ability to fold flat when not in use. The Universal Stair is easy to use on site, simply fold out, position before attaching the  hand rails and locking off using the designed locking stay.

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