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Layher TG60 Shoring System


Layher TG60 Shoring System

The new Layher TG60 shoring system was developed and engineered by the worlds leading system scaffold manufacturer as an extension to the Layher Allround scaffolding system. The addition of three new parts allows for the safe, simple and quick assembly of shoring towers that can all be linked using standard Allround parts to create higher and sturdier structures than ever before.

The Layher TG60 frames are 1.09m in width and are available in three sizes 0.5m (top/spacer frame), 0.71m (base frame) and a 1.0m high frame (centre frame). The frames are manufactured from high grade steel having integrated spigots and rosettes to allow them to be connected and assembled quickly using standard Layher ledgers and diagonal bracing. The frames are stiffened with the inclusion of 2 small welded diagonals which allows every standard to be loaded with up to approx. 6 tonnes.


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