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Project Peru Charity

Here at George Roberts Ltd, we are keen to support worthwhile causes, so when we heard that Ormskirk School were trying to raise money for “Project Peru” we jumped at the chance to help!

Who are Project Peru?

Project Peru is a charity that is all about giving back to those who have given so generously. they describe themselves as, ‘A lively, imaginative, voluntary initiative that is tuned in to reality, we took off in 1992 from Guildford. Today we are flying high, picking up passengers from coast to coast -people of all ages, all persuasions, all abilities.’

The charity states that £800 will finance the building of a home for a family in one of the shanty towns, so in order to help this project, George Roberts has donated £250.

For more information about “Project Peru” and the work they do, please visit Project Peru.

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