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Seasonal words from our chairman

Despite the challenges we’ve all faced this year, we have remained adaptable and continued to offer market-leading service throughout.

Our priority has always been the safety and wellbeing of our employees and our customers. The fact that we have been able to ensure the safety of all on site is mainly due to the diligence and expertise of our safety team.

Continuing to employ, on average, 75 people throughout the pandemic has enabled us to achieve a record year, turning over in excess of £40 million. There are a number of factors which have helped us achieve this: client loyalty, no major supply chain issues and our fantastic employees.

Our clients trust us and value our total independence. We are one of the largest independent British supply companies, focused only on the sale and hire of scaffolding and access equipment, and as Chairman and majority shareholder, I am committed to this strategy. Our clients can talk to us at any level to help plan and discuss major projects with absolute confidentiality.

Despite Covid-19 and an impending Brexit, we have managed to avoid supply chain issues successfully. One of our biggest strengths as a business is the rapid availability of products. Being an independent private business enables us to be very agile and make quick decisions when planning and securing stock levels. We are also in the process of acquiring a new facility which will accommodate our growth and enable us to process our activities more safely, quickly and efficiently.

Finally, the most important factor during this year is the attitude and efforts of all our loyal employees. Like most companies, April hit us very hard, and unfortunately, we had to furlough a few staff members. This meant for a couple of months, everyone without exception at every level had to work exceptionally hard for less reward. Staff accepted the situation, and I can’t thank them all enough. The turnaround has been remarkable, and it is all down to a business team effort.

On behalf of myself and the board of Directors, I would like to thank all our staff and customers and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Many thanks

George Roberts


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