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Sunderland Aquatic Centre

Sunderland Aquatic Centre is a locally beloved hub for people of all ages, offering activities of all kinds. It is also the only full Olympic-standard pool in North East England between Glasgow and Leeds. Since opening in 2008, the centre has become an important local fixture, and even saw the 2012 Olympic torch carried through the building.

With such a large facility, It’s key to keep it in top condition, so it can continue to be a pillar and a hub in the community. When construction work needs to be done on buildings such as Sunderland Aquatic Centre, there come with a very specific set of requirements.


At George Roberts Ltd, we offer total reliability of supply which comes from many years of experience in every sector, and for us, it includes ensuring our customers we are able to solve whatever challenge they may face. 

One of the challenges at the Sunderland Aquatic Centre was to construct the scaffold with no facade ties, built with supporting buttresses that were loaded with ballast. 

More than 100 tonnes of equipment were quickly supplied from our huge UK stocks directly to the site, allowing construction to move forward without delays, which we understand is crucial to project management. This shipment included 3.2mm high tensile tubes, Uniscaff Stair Towers for roof access, GR loading bay gates, 450 & 750 deep aluminium X-beams and aluminium tubing to create the roof level hand-railing using a unique standing seem roof coupler to secure tubular support bracing.


George Robert’s “total reliability of supply” means a wide range of scaffolding solutions, ready and available to be shipped to sites all over the world.


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