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As the UK’s leading independent scaffolding hire & sales supplier, it’s a natural progression for George Roberts to now expand its Uniscaff system range to offer its customers a viable Loading Tower option that fully compliments the present success of its Stair Tower.

The NEW Uniscaff Loading Tower has been designed to provide a high loading capacity, maximise on site safety, reduce labour cost, provide adaptable access, increase stock utilisation of common parts and meets all European & UK scaffolding guidance and safety legislation.

Some of the advantages of the George Roberts Uniscaff Loading Tower are:

Increase Productivity

  • 4 Leg Tower
  • Systemised components
  • Quicker build times, up to 80%!
  • Component count reduced
  • Modular build = less measuring!

Maximise Safety

  • Large loading area of 3.05m x 1.65m
  • High load capacity of 15kN/m²
  • Non-slip footing steel decks
  • Less operative fatigue
  • Gate safety in ‘open’ or ‘closed’ position

Economical & Adaptable

  • Flexible lift heights 2m, 1.5m & 1m
  • Multi-level loading
  • Improved stock utilisation
  • ‘Tube bracing’ minimises cost
  • Fully galvanised for site longevity

Total Compliance

  • Meets European & British legislation (BS EN 12811)
  • Complies with all safety guidance (SG4, SG6 & SG33)
  • Quality assured & audited by NASC
  • Independent engineer checked
  • ID marked for full traceability

Read all about how it maximises safety and increases productivity here: Uniscaff Loading Tower System

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