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Readylok and Extending Transoms


Readylok and Extending Transoms are used to systemise traditional scaffolding methods. They are a pre-fabricated transom unit manufactured in a predetermined length that allows standard, ledger and transom tube connections to be made at a single node point.

Readylok transoms cut down on the number of scaffold fittings required, reducing components, speed up the erection and dismantling times, negate the need for ledger bracing, which saves time and money on your project.

Productivity can be further enhanced when used in conjunction with our extending transom units which can be supplied in two versions: either wedge fixing type or a tubular version that is fitted using regular couplers. All extending transom units are used to create up to a maximum of three inside boards for improved access at the building face.

All our Readylok transom units are fully tested and TG20 compliant in line with the latest NASC guidance  (NASC TG20) and are supplied with full certification.

Also available for hire and sale are the Klawz Scaffold fitting, designed primarily for use in conjunction with Readlok Transoms.

Supplied as standard in the following sizes:

Readylok transoms

  • 3 Board-wide
  • 4 Board-wide
  • 5 Board-wide

Extending transoms, wedge or tube type

  • 4 + 3 Board-wide
  • 5 + 3 Board-wide


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